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Fixed vehicle chassis security inspection system

SEENBOOM fixed vehicle bottom imaging equipment is the key equipment in SEENBOOM vehicle contraband safety detection system. It is used to complete the data acquisition of vehicle chassis image, which is convenient for computer processing. The system adopts the advanced color digital linear array imaging technology and achieves a complete and complete underbody scanning imaging. The resolution of the scanned vehicle bottom image can be 50 million pixels. However, the underbody imaging equipment is an outdoor installation equipment, and its adaptability to the environment is the key to determine whether the whole system can work stably for a long time. SEENBOOM vehicle base imaging equipment adopts advanced modular design and has good environmental adaptability. Its components cabinet, motion mechanism, LED surface light source and other important components are designed with special pressure protection and anti-vibration sealing. The whole equipment is sealed and installed. SEENBOOM landing gear imaging equipment has good stability and reliability, can work normally in any natural environment for a long time, and truly realize all-weather and maintenance-free user use.

SEENBOOM has obvious advantages in waterproof, compressive, anti-soaking, anti-fog and other technologies. The company always adheres to the principle that quality is the first for gold users. Therefore, our products can be at home and abroad. It is widely used everywhere and recognized by users.


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